Fox 5: Donald Trump Fired Up About Jones Beach Development Delay

Donald Trump gave Fox 5 a tour of the area at Jones Beach that he has been trying to rebuild for years.

“Look at the mess,” he said. “It’s a total mess disgrace.”

The Donald said he is totally frustrated but won’t give up on his plan to create a restaurant and catering hall on the site. He took time to shake hands at a rally set up by the Alliance to Revitalize Jones Beach.

But not everyone agrees. Some are outraged and concerned that the Trump restaurant would only cater to the elite.

Trump said he was ready to start digging when the state put on the brakes. He said he won a lawsuit against the state, but the state appealed. Now his gloves are coming off.

The state said it is ready to honor the existing contract. But the design must meet building safety requirements for new construction in flood-prone areas.


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