Long Island Wants Economic Progress

As concerned residents of Nassau County, we are increasingly dismayed over the lack of progress, construction and new developments here on Long Island. Growth has ceased, and what doesn’t grow, dies. We understand it is an uphill battle to build here on Long Island, but we feel even one successful approval can be a catalyst for the whole county. We have chosen to rally behind Trump on the Ocean because it is a no-brainer. Replacing a demolished facility with a new magnificent one, which would enhance our own natural treasure, is something that should not be held up in government red tape. By educating the public and building support, we want to show the state government and any future developers that Nassau County’s doors are open for business. The Island is not held captive by NIMBY’s but also has a populace who understands that we are at a crossroads. We need to start building now. When completed, Trump on the Ocean will remind all Long Islanders that Long Island can still be great and be a welcoming visual to any outsider visiting our esteemed beach. Join our cause and let’s come together to ensure Nassau County a prosperous future.

Read the Facts About Trump on the Ocean at Jones Beach


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