Merrick Life: Alliance rallies for Trump at Jones Beach

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In the midst of a sea of supporters last week calling for the government to let Donald Trump build his Trump on the Ocean catering hall at Jones Beach, opposition activist Pat Friedman met Mr. Trump for the first time.

“He extended his hand to me and thanked me for publicly supporting him for president,” the Garden City South activist told The Citizen.

But then, shoulder-to-shoulder with him, she quickly turned the tables, telling him: “I beat you once…and I’m going to beat you again.”

She’s referring to her activism against Mr. Trump for doing what she sees as his running “rickshaw” over the government, and can cite precise days and times when Mr. Trump entered into what she calls an, illegal contract with the state government in 2006 when he wasn’t even a bidder for the contract.

She says Mr. Trump is the main proponent of stalling to get the project completed, and may not have the funds available to build it during these difficult economic times.

But Rafe Lieber, executive director of the Alliance to Revitalize Jones Beach – which had hundreds of supporters last week in favor of building the catering hall to create jobs and increase revenues for the state – told The Citizen she should be blaming the state, and not a private developer, for the protracted problem.

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