Patch: Merrick Civic Association Discuss Trump on the Ocean


Rafe Lieber spoke on behalf of the Alliance for the Revitalization of Jones Beach. Many residents are concerned about the Trump on the Ocean project and how it will affect the Jones Beach waterfront.

Berta Weinstein, SMCAA vice president, expressed her concern. “The footprint of that area is going to be so big that the beach front will be affected,” she said.

Flooding of a proposed enlarged basement at the Trump on the Ocean site is also a concern.

According to Lieber, the project will cost about $20 million dollars and the building has a lease with the State of New York. Joe Baker, SMCCA president, asked, “What do we do as a community to get this thing done?”

Many people are anxious to get the project completed so that tensions, rallies, etc. will end. Leiber suggested that residents reach out to Senator Fuschillo and Assemblyman McDonough.


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